Domestic Cooling and Heating Air-conditioning split system ( 20 m2area average )


Domestic Cooling and Heating Air-conditioning split system ( 20 m2area average )



Six quick and easy steps to a solution, Just call or email us!

  1. Competitive quotation, confirmation, and Order
  2. Installation of Part 1, Outdoor Airconditioning  Unit
  3. Installation of Part 2, Just two pipes, Electrical cabling and specialist works
  4. Installation of Part 3, Indoor Unit
  5. You can Cool or Heat yourself to heart’s content. All our systems can cool or Heat no matter the weather conditions.

Split and Multi-split systems are complexed airconditioning systems therefore as the specialist we simplify the process of installation to make it clear and easy for our customers to understand. The Three step installation process is quick easy and exceeds all F-gas and installation standards. Our qualified service engineers are available to answer any Split unit Maintenance, Service or installation questions you may have.

At Usions we size and select each individual project to match your exact running requirements. Taking 25 years of specialist engineering experience our team consists of specialist Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Chiller engineers from the commercial and industrial Airconditioning sector.

For all your Cooling, Heating and Air-conditioning questions and requirements feel free to contact our sales team. You’re only 6 steps away from a domestic airconditioning solution.

System references :

Two Rooms: Multi-split system 2.5 KW -15 KW Cooling Capacity

One Room: Single Split system 2.5 KW -10 KW Cooling Capacity

Subject to T&C’s: Large office room based on the installation of 3.5 KW cooling capacity single phase system. Subject to design and pipework limitations based on a maximum pipe run of 5meters excluding all working at height.

Price subject to final site survey. Maximum 25 m2area average.