What is the Usions compressor protection module ?

Working closely with our partnering Compressor engineering and remanufacturing company Advanced compressor Engineering services our teams have highlighted key causes of compressors failure with a majority of the causes down to system error or component failure. Conventional HVAC maintenance is usually carried out Quarterly or Bi-annually depending of the size and rating of the equipment which leaves huge gaps in running data & analysis during the breaks in maintenance.

Our Compressor protection module is easily integrated into your current systems acting as a second level of safety should your equipment safeties fail. Refrigeration Compressors are usually the single most expensive component of an air-conditioning / chiller or HVAC system meaning they are a costly expense when they fail and require replacement therefore our Remote compressor protection module offers key insights into live system running parameters ensure all preventable failures a predicted, analysed and reported. Working with the teams at Advanced compressor engineering services Ltd our remote monitoring data is seamlessly streamed out to the experts via GRPS signal to ensure email warning or remote shutdown can be operated dependant on the agree system access and shutdown protocols.

How does it protect my compressor ?

The compressor protection module is supplied to any service and maintenance contract for installation at the nearest scheduled maintenance visit this saving on both installation costs and downtime disruption. Technical phone assistance is available at pre-booked sessions to ensure back end testing and on-site testing are completed with a commissioning running report issued with 1 week of the initial installation.

What does the compressor module actually monitor :

  • Refrigerant Suction & Discharge pressures – This ensures the compressor is protected for parameters outside its envelope such as an electrical winding failure due to limited motor cooling outside the desired manufacturers compressor envelope.
  • Suction superheat & Sub-cooling – This ensures protection from refrigerant based failures as an example liquid flood back which in tern causes multiple types of failure including compressor bearing failure due to lack of lubrication.
  • Electrical Current  – The protection module is fitted with split type CT’s to ensure current is monitored per phase at all stages of loading, startup and shutdown. Anomalies in current can be identified and the compressor shutdown on its high level safeties. Circuits can be compared to other functional circuits and comparisons made to ensure the system is running in the most efficient manner.
  • Electrical voltage – Probes are fitted to all Start-delta / part wind / DOL contactor phases meaning anomalies in Voltage can be identified and the compressor shutdown on its high level safeties. Often a relatively low value contactor can be the cause of a £20,000 failure. The compressor monitoring module can preempt compressor failure by data-analysis.
  •  Graphing of performance – Utilising the above data Usions can make key consultive recommendations to ensure key minimal changes can be made to the system operation to increase energy efficiency. Just 1 Bar difference in discharge pressure could be £1000’s in energy consumption.
  • In direct leak detection – Utilising all of the above data we can preempt a low pressure failure condition. This means a system leak condition can be identified remotely long before critical failure ensuring your compressor and in term HVAC equipment is running at optimal capacity.

How does the system integrate with my current compressor safety systems?

The compressor protection module works as the second layer of defence for your compressor meaning that it doesn’t intervene with the manufacturers set safety parameters but simply acts as the second line of defence. Utilising industry standard parameters safety thresholds are set to ensure that they are outside the chillers integral safety settings. As an example, Should the compressor High pressure switch be set at 22Bar & the system pressure relief valves installed at 30 Bar our system is set to shut the system down at around 25% above the high pressure switch set-point meaning it can be used as the second line of compressor protection whilst not effecting the manufacturers set-points.