Classroom & Office Monitoring

The effects of poor indoor air quality in classrooms & Offices has been known for years. Chronic illnesses, poor learning and increased absenteeism have all been attributed to poor IAQ. ​ ​While parents & employers know about the impact of dust, mold, mildew and other airborne particles , they are often unaware of the impact of high levels of CO2


Refrigeration Monitoring

The grocery and food sectors are leading in the adoption of cold chain monitoring, followed closely by manufacturing in the plastics and pharmaceutical spaces. ​ Better monitoring of temperatures in refrigerated warehouses could help to cut back on food waste as temperatures that are either too high or too low can result in loss. It is widely agreed that temperature is a significant environmental attribute concerning product spoilage.


Equipment monitoring

Usions offers comprehensive industrial remote monitoring solutions that can maximize production, reduce operating costs and keep your equipment up and running. You can quickly maintain and repair your production assets to control costs and track trends.

Pre & Post Commissioning 

Usions can install smart sensors to pre-planned areas prior to major fit out or equipment upgrade the readings from these sensors are then recorded and post works results displayed in a easy to visualise manor. Consultants and clients can literally see the improvements live on the Usions software. 

Cylinder Asset Tracking

Usions has the features you need to monitor and track any kind of mobile asset. Not just vehicles but also trailers, mobile generators, shipping containers and more. If it moves, Usions can tell you where it is and where it has been. Key benefits to cylinder asset tracking include reduced supplier rental fee’s and the potential to redirect critical van stock to the locations which need it most.