Smart Buildings


Usions has full support for building sensors that can measure important metrics like temperature, humidity, light levels, CO2, motion and more.

Building Editor


You can import floor plans, define zones of sensor coverage and visualise sensor data in a clear and meaningful way.

Multi-Layer views


One of the coolest things in the Usions software, is how you can visualise the data from your IoT sensors. IoT sensor values combined with real weather data to show how buildings react to external climate changes.

Asset Tracking


Usions has the features you need to monitor and track any kind of mobile asset. Not just vehicles but also trailers, mobile generators, shipping containers and refrigeration cylinders. If it moves, Usions can tell you where it is and where it has been.


Geofences are zones that you define on a map. With Usions you can see which devices are in each geofence and when they arrived. You can also see which devices left the geofence and how long ago. Geofences are another example of how Usions turns your raw IoT data into actionable business information.

Built-in monitoring

Usions partners have a built-in monitoring engine which allows you to check your devices in real-time and receive updates whenever a problem occurs

Event logging

Usions has a built-in event logging which allows you to store device event information.

Notification Center

The Usions notification centre allows you to route alerts and events to the right people either using e-mail our SMS.